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Sainthood at a Glance
Rev. Olivier Ruffray Odile and Sylvain Delye
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Copyright: 2017
First Printed: 07-15-2017

Louis and Zelie Martin, in the heart of a disordered nineteenth century, knew how to make progress as a couple towards sanctity in their family life and in their social and professional commitments.
This journey invites us to better discover their history, to take the time to pray and to actively reflect on the different aspects of our own Christian life.
It was compiled for couple and group sharing but can also be suitable for an individual approach.
Couple, home, education, work, money, social commitment, disease…
Each of the eight chapters of this book evokes a facet of the life of Louis and Zelie Martin, relying on large extracts from their correspondence, in order to enter into a real closeness with these witnesses for our time.

It provides an invitation to look at our everyday life and to journey more and more each day to God as a family.


"After finishing this booklet, we have felt it to be of interest to repeat the Gospel of the Beatitudes, which is read in the churches on the Feast of All Saints, to show how Louis and Zelie Martin fully lived out each one of these Beatitudes."
Rev. Jacques HABERT, Bishop of Seez


ISBN: 978-0-8189-1391-4
Prod Code: 1391-4